7 best tips for buying loved ones jewelry

When you buy your loved ones jewelry, you obviously want to buy them something special. This person has a special place in your heart. You’ve thought about a gift that would make the recipient feel loved and special. You have made an effort and have put thought into a personal gift.

So, you want to make sure that your special, personalized gift is perfect. How do you make sure of that? What do you look out for when you’re buying a loved one jewelry?

Tips for buying loved ones jewelry

1) It needs to fit the personality of the person that wears it

When you buy a piece of jewelry for a loved one, you have to make sure that it fits their personality. If you are buying a piece of jewelry for someone who is young and shy, you don’t want a super large and garish piece of jewelry that screams for attention. You will want to buy this person something subtle, for example in silver.

If the person you are buying jewelry for is outgoing and spontaneous, you may want to buy a bigger piece that attracts attention. A beautiful gold piece of jewelry, or even a vibrant color, is perfect for this person.

So make sure that the piece of jewelry you buy reflects the personality of the person who is going to wear it.

2) It needs to go with their other jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, and earrings

By looking at the sort of jewelry the person already wears, you will get a good idea of what sort of jewelry the recipient will enjoy getting. Some people prefer gold jewelry, for example. Others only wear silver.

If a person always wears silver jewelry, a golden piece will look out of place. Some people like colorful jewelry and might not prefer the subtlety of silver. A powerful color might suit them better.

Check to see what the person you want to buy jewelry for already wears and get a good idea of their preferences. That way, you will be ensured that they will like it.

3) It needs to go with other necklaces

If you are thinking of buying a personalized necklace for someone, check to see if there are already necklaces that they wear every day. Most people won’t mind adding a beautiful piece of personalized jewelry if it means a lot to them, but it shouldn’t clash with what they’re already wearing.

For example, personalized pendants from Twine.jewelry come with a 45 cm necklace or cord. Check to see where the pendant will end up around someone’s neck. If there is already a large necklace that the person wears every day that has personal significance for them, think of buying a longer or shorter chain for them. That way, you will be sure that the new piece of jewelry you are getting the person will not get covered by another piece.

Always make sure you check to see if the length of the necklace goes with other necklaces the person may already be wearing.

4) The spelling must be correct

A very important thing to check before you buy a piece of personalized jewelry is the correct spelling. If you are choosing a piece of jewelry that bears a name or a word, make sure it is spelled correctly.

If you buy your best friend a pendant with her baby’s name on it, make sure you’ve seen the name in writing by the parents, for example on a birth announcement. It would be very upsetting if it turns out that the parents chose an alternative spelling, as happens so often, and you didn’t know about it. Personalized jewelry cannot be returned and the gift will not be worn. That is definitely something to avoid!

So make sure you check the spelling of the name or word you wish to incorporate in your personalized gift.

5) It needs to complement the other jewelry

If someone always wears big earrings, it doesn’t mean they also wear big necklaces or big bracelets. Most women will know that different pieces of jewelry need to complement each other. So big earrings mean a delicate necklace. And a big bracelet means a subtle ring.

One piece of big jewelry is usually enough. So if someone always wears big earrings, you will probably see a smaller, more delicate necklace.

Look to see what jewelry the person puts the most emphasis on. And make sure you match other jewelry accordingly.

6) Ask her best friend

If you are looking to invest in a piece of personalized jewelry, you want to make sure the recipient likes it. If you are unsure of her tastes in jewelry, a good way to get a better idea of if she’ll like it is by asking her best friend.

Best friends usually see each other enough to have seen different earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. A best friend will most likely also know the stories behind special pieces of jewelry and will have a background with the person to know more about their history.

Asking a woman’s best friend is a good way to find out more about her taste in jewelry. Just make sure she keeps your secret if you’re planning to buy something special!

7) Don’t buy something you like, buy something she likes

It is very tempting to go by your own tastes. If you like it, she must surely like it too, right? But that is not always the case. Everyone has their own taste and for some people this can be very specific.

So if you want to make sure that the special loved one will fully enjoy and appreciate the personalized piece of jewelry you’ve bought, make sure it is to their taste.


Keep all of the above in mind as you pick your personalized piece of jewelry and you can’t go wrong.